I have a passion for Technology, Knowledge and Scouting. Founder of Stockholm Makerspace

  • 1989-05-17
  • Villavägen 59, 17833 EKERÖ
  • +46 70 566 18 84


  • Technical Consultant2015 -

    Cederb AB

    My own business where i do custom hardware related stuff, often with a slight focus on computer controlled manufacturing or automation, but also installations for advertising and teaching at a HVE Program for 3D Printing technichans. One intresting project i did in cooperation with Monsén Arkitekter, where we made the first ornaments on a commercial building in Sweden made with help of 3D Printers.

  • Technical Specialist & Trainer2016 -

    3DVerkstan AB

    3DVerkstan is a major distributor of desktop 3D Printers from Ultimaker and Formlabs in the Nordic and Baltic region. My job here includes serving customers with special technical needs, doing R&D work for our own product line of accessories and customer training.

  • AD / IT2008 - 2014

    Add Profile AB

    Doing everything between running our IT environment to design and production of websites and all kinds of printed media, including T-Shirts and huge wall-printouts

  • Graphics and Photography2010-2013

    PEAK Group Nordic AB

    A lot of product photography and catalogue work for the swedish distrubutor of PEAK, one of the worlds biggest brands in sport clothing and shoes.

  • Print and Web design2010 - 2012

    Supersale AB

    Supersale is a clothing store chain that during my employment had between 3 and 5 stores, the largest one were about twelve hundred square meters in size, I created the new Supersale logo, designed about fifty newspaper advertisements and did all design and production work for wall signs, banners, and all in-store signage. I was also responsible for the IT environment with cash registers, label printing systems and computers.

Leadership Education

  • Diplomering i Kommunikativt Ledarskap2014

    Astrakan Strategisk Utbildning AB

  • Coachande ledarskap - leda sig själv och leda andra2014

    Astrakan Strategisk Utbildning AB

  • Kommunikativt Ledarskap genom Positiv Påverkan2014

    Astrakan Strategisk Utbildning AB

  • Värdebaserat Ledarskap2014

    Scouternas Folkhögskola

    Value Based Leadership is an advanced leadership training program for young leaders 20-25 years old with a focus on leading from your values.

  • Allmän ledarutbildning ALU Veckolång2009


    The ALU is a one week course in leadership for the Swedish Scout Movement, in many scout troops in Sweden it is a almost a requirement to become a scout leader.

  • Social Styles with IDI-profile2009

    Ekerö Utbildning AB

    Knowledge about human behavior and different ways of communicating, what our strengths and weaknesses are in working together with other people and how to get the most out of each team member. Conflict solving and reducing stress with different social styles. It includes a IDI analysis (Interpersonal Dynamic Inventory analysis) both from a personal perspective and a 360 view from at least 5 different people with a personal feedback.

School Education

  • Technical Preparatory Year2012 - 2014

    Royal Institute of Technology KTH

    Studied the Technical Preparatory Year on KTH to get my speed up at math and physics.

  • Waldorf School1996 - 2008


    Did study 12 years at Kristofferskolan, swedens oldest and biggest Waldorf/Steiner School


  • 14th World Scout Moot2013


    I went as a participant to the World Scout Moot in Canada to meet with more than 2000 people from 83 countries, also went to visit Manitoulin island and the natives.

  • Roverway 20122012


    A great adventure with a few thousand other Rover scouts who gathered in finland under the theme "See, Feel, Follow" and were doing both stuff like hiking the finnish woods, but almost as much participating in discussions how to make the world a better place in many different ways!

  • 22nd World Scout Jamboree2011


    At the 22nd World Scout Jamboree i worked as a IST (International Service Team) Member in the People Section where my team of about a hundred people held activities for about 5000 scouts during a six hour time period every day during the camp week.

  • Sjöledarutbildning SjöLU2010


    SjöLU is the Swedish Scout Movements training to become a leader for Sea Scouting activites, i completed this in 2010 since i am a leader for Sea Scouts.

  • 13th World Scout Moot2010


    I went as a participant to the first ever international scout moot to be held at the African continent to meet with rover scouts in the ages 18-26 from 66 different countries.

  • Roverway 20092009


    A great roverscouting adventure during the summer of 2009, we gathered over 2000 rover scouts on Island, wich is a lot in a country with only 200.000 inhabitants!

  • Allmän Ledarutbildning ALU2009


    The ALU is a one week course in leadership for the Swedish Scout Movement, in many scout troops in Sweden it is a almost a requirement to become a scout leader.

  • Vargarnas Äventyrskurs2009


    A course educating leaders how to lead young people in a adventurous style which in this context means to make educating more of a play where you learn through adventures and practicing more than learning from theory. In the course we were practicing and learning about areas like storywriting, special effects, planning, setting the correct mood, clothing, crafting and make-up.

  • Blå Hajk Jägarna2007


    A great adventure during ten days in the mountains in the northern part of Sweden which gave a lot of knowledge and practical experiences, and also got to know myself better.

  • Explorer Belt2005


    Explorer belt is a journey and also a resulting award which promotes adventure and self-reliance in an international context during the three week long international trip mostly consisting of hiking and getting to know local culture and geography.

Graphics and media skills

  • Illustrator

  • Photoshop

  • Indesign

Practical Skills

  • CNC Systems

  • Electronics

  • Mechatronics

  • LED Lighting

Programming Skills

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • PHP

  • SQL

  • Wordpress

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