Erik Cederberg

About Me

I'm Erik Cederberg, a technologist and maker with a deep focus on additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping. Additionally, I am experienced in transitioning to manufacturing and making informed decisions regarding materials and production processes.

My career revolves around continuous learning and innovative problem-solving in technology. I bring a wealth of experience in product development and leadership in makerspace communities.

Current Projects

Product Development Engineer

2022 - Present Lind Art & Technology AB

At LIND I am engaged in creating advanced functional prototypes, combining additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques. My role involves intensive product development, focusing on technology and material selection to optimize solutions for the production.

Freelance Consultant

2015 - Present Cederb AB

As a freelance consultant, I specialize in transforming ideas into functional prototypes using rapid prototyping. I also guide businesses in integrating additive technology both in prototyping and production.

Co-Founder & Board Member

2012 - Present Stockholm Makerspace

As a co-founder and former Chairman, I play a key role in developing this community that has grown to over 750 members, focusing on strategic planning and governance. My involvement emphasizes fostering a collaborative environment for knowledge sharing and innovation.

Board member 2018-
Chairman 2015-2018
Vice Chairman 2013-2015
Board member 2012-2013


2014 - Present Makers of Sweden

The creation of this organization emerged from a recognized need to unify and support the Swedish maker community. Its creation involved extensive discussions and planning, ensuring it would serve as a robust platform for makerspaces across Sweden

Board Member 2014-2016
Board Member 2017-2019

Some Prior Experience

Chief Technology Officer

2020-2024 3DVerkstan Nordic AB

Togheter with my co-owners, I led the company through significant growth, focusing on team expansion and enhancing company capabilities. This included founding a Danish subsidary and moving to a new office in Solna.

I also did the evaluation process for multiple brands and introduced technologies such as Meltio LMD (Laser metal deposition) to the nordics. During 2024, I facilitated the transition to new ownership, while maintaining our unique culture and values.

Lead Engineer

2016-2020 3DVerkstan AB

During my initial couple of years at 3DVerkstan, I were instrumental in introducing advanced 3D printing technologies to Sweden in the form of brands like Formlabs and Minifactory, and I also led various training initiatives.

A key achievement was bringing The Olsson Ruby nozzles to production, being the first truly abrasion resistant nozzle available, enhancing the efficiency of the 3D printing industry.

Prototype Developer

2015-2017 Tilemark AB

During the Tilemark project, I developed a process, one small scale proof of concept machine, as well as a one full scale prototype of a machined that can carve clinker ceramic plates in their green state for architectural decorative purposes.

Inventor of patent: WO2018063066A1, "A carving machine and a method of operating a carving machine"

Additive Manufacturing, Development
Additive Manufacturing